PBS-NV is a Network of professionals, parents and community members that are trying to build a sustainable culture who value and implement quality positive behavior supports. We are committed to developing and implementing support plans for people with disabilities and challenging behavior that include functional assessment and function-based intervention. These plans must also be developed in a respectful, values-based manner while attempting to maintain a balance between contextual fit and empirically validated treatment. All of these features are necessary for measurable and sustainable change in the challenging behaviors and quality of life for persons with disabilities.

The Network is a group of citizens from around Nevada who are committed to bringing awareness and building capacity within their local communities around person-direct planning, functional assessment strategies, function-based interventions and sustainable change through team building on the support plan process.

Our Mission

To support individuals with disabilities and challenging behavior in living safely and effectively in the community.

Our Vision

To establish a sustainable culture of behavioral competence through developing and implementing positive support plans. Generally, outcomes involve teaching effective and efficient communication skills, decreasing behaviors which interfere with community citizenship and meaningful social relationships.

In this way, quality of life can be improved directly through building communication repertoires and reducing the frequency, intensity or duration of negative behaviors, and indirectly by creating opportunities for positive interactions with family and community members.

Positive Behavior Support-Nevada (PBS-NV) began this mission in 1999 as one of the 26 projects of the Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Positive Behavior Support RRTCPBS. The RRTCPBS was a national consortium of university-based PBS training centers. As a result of this collaboration and technical support, Nevada prepared a multi-disciplinary, multi-agency training team. Team members represent Nevada school districts, community and state agencies, and parents. This was the beginning of the PBS-NV Statewide Network.

Although the RRTCPBS no longer exists in its previous form, PBS-NV has continued its relationships with the national professionals who made up that organization. For example, PBS-NV routinely collaborates with faculty from the Kansas Institute for Positive Behavior Support, Florida’s Positive Behavior Support Project and the Colorado PBS Initiative.

Since 1999, PBS-NV has been able to continue to build training programs, technical support and awareness initiatives around the state through grant support from the Task Force for a Fund for a Healthy Nevada. In addition, PBS-NV has grown through its relationships with community and state agencies such as the Washoe Arc, the University Center for Excellence in Disabilities (UCED) at the University of Nevada Reno, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, the Nevada Division of Mental Health and Disability Services (MHDS), Nevada Parents Education Parents (Nevada-PEP), and various other service providers and school districts around the state.